Holistic Therapy for Healing from Grief

Think of your body as one big system. From a holistic point of view, everything you do — what you eat and drink, how stressed you are, how much exercise you get — effects your health and well-being.  If one area is out of balance, all areas are affected.  When you are grieving because someone you love died, both your physical and emotional health are at risk.

Meditation, Inner Journeys, Acupuncture, Reiki, Energy Therapy, Flower Essences are all examples of complementary treatments that can help you return to health and happiness after a loved one dies.  Although each are healing in their own right,  they are referred to as “Holistic” or “Complementary” therapies because they usually complement traditional medical care.

Moving Through Loss also includes:

  • Helpful Hints to guide you through everyday challenges that are impacted by grief
  • Worksheets to help you write your own healing story

Meditations for Moving Through Loss is a CD with three guided Inner Journeys that will help you heal from grief.  All three therapy sessions are an adjunct to the book or can be listened to independently.


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