Complementary Therapies

The foundation of good health consists of a balance between the physical, behavioral, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life.   The impact of loss creates an imbalance in our system.   When grief weaves itself into the fabric of our lives, it is wise to pay attention to our well-being as we recover from the trauma of our loss.   In addition to attending to our medical needs, complementary therapies such as flower essences, imagery journeying and writing can help restore our equilibrium.

Often the loss of a loved one mimics post traumatic stress symptoms. As with all traumatic experiences, the pain of grief burroughs itself deeply into our being, creating a sublevel of suffering which I call The Secret Self. The Secret Self is the part of us that holds the detailed memory of our loss as well as our deepest pain with all its doubts and questions. It is these memories and concerns that need to be expressed, understood, and soothed. Complementary therapies help clear the The Secret Self with gentle, loving care, enabling you to move forward on your journey of healing.